Birth Flower Postage Stamps

Birth Flower Postage Stamps are a special birthday gift and a nice finishing touch on birthday party invitations and cards. Birth Flower Postage Stamps are available in three stamp sizes and in twelve denominations – so many postage stamp choices! Pair Birth Flower Postage Stamps with coordinating birth flower gifts for the most thoughtful of birthday gifts. Everyone uses postage stamps! These are a great gift for the person who has everything!

Birth Flowers and their corresponding birth month are listed below as a guide. Birth Flower Postage Stamps are featured following the birth flower guide. Just scroll down to see each month’s birth flower postage stamp offerings.

See the Birth Flower that corresponds to each birthday month below:

January Birth Flower – Carnation
February Birth Flower -Violet
March Birth Flower – Daffodil
April Birth Flower – Daisy
May Birth Flower – Lily of the Valley
June Birth Flower – Rose
July Birth Flower – Delphinium
August Birth Flower – Gladiola
September Birth Flower – Aster
October Birth Flower – Marigold
November Birth Flower -Chrysanthemum
December Birth Flower – Poinsettia

"wedding invitations in many themes" January Birthday Postage Stamps – The Carnation symbolizes love, fascination and distinction and comes in a variety of colors including pink, red, purple, and white. January Birth Flower Gifts also are available.

"wedding invitations in many themes" February Birthday Flower Stamps – The Violet symbolizes symbolises faithfulness, humility and chastity and can be found in shades of purple, blue and white. February Birth Flower Gifts are also available.February Birthday Stamps - Violet Postage
"wedding invitations in many themes" March Birthday Postage Stamps – The Daffodil symbolizes friendship and happiness and comes in a variety of colors including orange, red, and white. March Birth Flower Gifts are also available.
"wedding invitations in many themes" April Birthday Postage Stamps – The Daisy symbolizes innocence, loyal love, gratitude, and healing and comes in a variety of colors. April Birth Flower Gifts are also available.
"wedding invitations in many themes" May Birthday Postage Stamps – The Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and humility and is typically white in color. May Birth Flower Gifts are also available.
"wedding invitations in many themes" June Birthday Postage Stamps – The Rose symbolizes love and passion and comes in a variety of colors including red, ivory, pink, yellow, peach and more.
"wedding invitations in many themes" July Birthday Postage StampsDelphinium are beautiful purple flowers that symbolize joyfulness, fickleness, and sweetness.
"wedding invitations in many themes" August Birthday Postage StampsGladiolas are the birth flower for August birthdays and symbolizes strength of character. Gladiolas  come in many colors including pinks, purples, peach, and red to name a few.
"wedding invitations in many themes" September Birthday Postage StampsAsters symbolize love, faith, and wisdom and come in a variety of colors, including purple.
"wedding invitations in many themes" October Birthday Postage Stamps – The Marigold or Calendula represent October birthdays and symbolize grief, hopefulness, and grace love. These flowers come in a variety of colors, including orange and yellow.
"wedding invitations in many themes" November Birthday Postage Stamps – feature the beautiful Chrysanthemum, which stands for cheerfulness and love, is associated with November birthdays.
"wedding invitations in many themes" December Birthday Postage Stamps feature the festive Holly plant. Holly symbolizes sweetness, self-esteem, and vanity.
"wedding invitations in many themes" For Birth Flower Gifts of all Kinds, check out our Birth Flower Gifts by Month on this site!